More Examples of the In-Betweens

And in writing, some more examples of the in-betweens, the unsaids, the fervent:

Tomas Transtromer’s “To Friends Behind A Border:”

I wrote so sparsely to you. But what I couldn’t write
swelled and swelled like an old-fashioned zeppelin
and drifted at last through the night sky.

Now the letter is with the censor. He turns on his lamp.
In the glow my words fly up like monkeys on grille
rattle it, become still, and bare their teeth!

Read between the lines. We are going to meet in 200 years
when the microphones in the hotel walls are forgotten
and finally get to sleep, become orthoceras.

George Saunders- Sticks

Michelle Ross- A Girl Scout is Useful, Thrifty, Cheerful, Courteous, Clean in Thought, And Above All, Loyal

Parker Tettleton – The Scottish Play