Main Prompt

Setting + Weather Event

  1. Make a list of settings that interest you—these can be indoors, outdoors, imaginary, otherworldly, from your childhood, your dreams, your hopes…whatever comes to mind.
  2. Make a list of weather events—from mild to harrowing—in as much specificity as possible.  
  3. Pair one of the settings with one of the weather events and begin to write a scene. Go nuts with details, and use as many sense details as possible—smell, texture, taste, temperature, etc. Provide a detail that exists at: ground height, eye level, above head. Consider noting the time of day/position of the sun.
  4. Now that you’ve got something going, keep going. If you’re not feeling the energy, try pairing another setting/weather event.
  5. Let go and have fun—it’s all play.

Need more inspiration? The opening passages from Emma Cline’s novel The Guest (pdf.) pairs a place with a character experiencing the weather in that place in a really subtle way that speaks volumes. And the smashing of bugs against the windshield in summer is another subtle pairing of weather and place that provides energy in “Bug Water” by Steven Gowin in Bending Genres.