Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi

about the author

Kiik A.K.’s first book of poems made no impact whatsoever. The critics were not pleased by it saying we have no knowledge or record of her whatsoever. Kiik usually is a man. Unless no record of him exists in which case he is a woman. She was winner of The Youth Haemophiliacs Hospital Raffle. Kiik lives here lives in this room. When you run out the lights he comes in through the window and eats out of the garbage. Since he’s eaten garbage mostly for seven years it is quite accurate if you say Kiik is mostly garbage. When the lights come on Kiik gets himself real small and crawls inside this tiny box. A pupa wraps its mitten of fur around the word. The mouth of flour rubs its ghost over the flute. The angel of steam raises its palm flush to the barrel.

via Electric Lit:

Prompt: Write your own “about the author” and include as many absurdist and surrealist details as possible. What does your dream version’s bio look like when they publish a story? What “dream” journals (literally) might be featured in your surreal bio? Once you think you’re finished with this prompt, comb through every line. If any of them are realistic and “factual” / true, then change them and adjust them and make them stranger so as to not resemble reality. Not one bit. That’s not why we’re here today. Reality is for a different space.