Hello Bending Genres weekend workshop writers! My name is Robert Vaughan and I have bursitis. I mean, I’m excited…over the next few days I’ll be your coach, your guide through foibles, gibberish, catastrophes, broomsticks and gazillions more. The wind and the aperture. Our mishaps, and some swindlers. When you guffaw your way through your first draft(s)… please be kind. To yourself and to others. We can all really use more support, especially today. Especially this week.

Above all, I really value risk, your own personal stretch, whatever it might be. Also mistakes, flaws, bruises, pain because I believe they all contain, at their core, a raw fragility, and vulnerability, an openness that is somehow relative to the secrets that we keep, even from ourselves.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” –Dr. Seuss