Good Morning

Here’s George Strait to get us up and going:

Great work yesterday – I enjoyed reading your Haibun hybrids.  

To recap Haibun directions:

The basic rules are simple.

  1. Unlike haiku, they begin with a title. 
  2. The prose portion is terse, descriptive, and written in the first person singular. 
  3. It is in the present moment. Imagine the experience is occurring now, not in the past.
  4. Although this is prose, it is poetic, understated, with all excessive words eliminated. 
  5. The accompanying haiku follows the traditional rules of that form. 
  6. The subject of the haiku does not repeat, quote or explain the prose, but reflects some aspect of the prose with a detail that is more juxtaposition – different yet somehow connected. That connection can be a surprising revelation for the reader.