Folderol and Fiddle Dee Dee

Folderol and Fiddle Dee Dee:

Lines from “Impossible,” a song from the iconic fairy tale (The Brothers Grimm,) “Cinderella,” turned into a Broadway play and movie. The fairy godmother visits and they sing the duet, and the pumpkins are turned into a carriage, the mice into footmen, and so on. Impossible?

Well, in high school, our teachers, Miss Gatta and Mrs. Knapp decided to produce “Cinderella.” This was the 70s. Lesley Ann Warren played her in the mid-1960s and that was the movie I had seen. I was cast as The King, at age 16, to my surprise. In the original version, the King, prior to the Ball, sings “Keep it Gay.” Oh yes, before gay meant what it became to mean now. Even still, in the 60s and 70s, the song was cut.  Too controversial! I came from upstate NY, a cow town. And here I am, as a 16 year old, from my own high school stage, singing, “KEEP IT GAY, KEEP IT LIGHT, KEEP IT FRESH, GIVE IT AIR…”