Down the Rabbit Hole

Now let’s go deeper down the rabbit hole with an absurdist clip from the television series Reno 911!

Prompt: For this next prompt, I want you to write down a favorite line or a strange quote from a movie or from a show (or from a song) and write it along the left-hand margins of a piece of paper. Write a poem with these words as your constraint.

As an example, I will use a quote from Reno 911! — “We’ve got a runner!” So the poem will be four lines long, using all of these words as starting points, running along the left-hand margin, resulting in:






We’ve never been this close before but I’ve

got to go. I’m sorry. It’s snowing in my brain and

a lava lamp seems more practical than this, than us, a

runner and a runner who never leave the lawn.