Day Two Prompts

Some of these prompts will move toward building a container; some of you might not be ready for any cohesion, and that’s fine, too.

  1. Walk through the virtual museum. Choose five items or memories from each room and write 1-7 sentences about each item. The museum is your container. Let your responses mingle with the items in the museum.
  2. Make a list of five things you did today. The today-ness and you can be the container. Write 1-5 sentences about each thing you did today.
  3. OR take those things you did today and put them in an unexpected place: a hospital, a grocery store, a police station, a funeral.
  4. Take a look at one of your passages from yesterday and let your mind free associate. Do you find connections? Now we are allowing in coherence through association. Go through these passages again, making some longer, some shorter. Discard those that don’t share common associations. If you line fragments up, Barthes wrote, they become part of a song cycle, “each piece self-sufficient, and yet it is never anything but the interstice of its neighbors.”
  5. Like Allison did, can you go through your pieces and arrange them into categories: past and future. Now find the small charge between the fragments that occurred in different points in time.
  6. Pick a discipline that has its own terms and lexicon. For instance, art, with its definitions, such as the line, negative space, and framing. Can you combine one of your fragmented pieces and a discipline’s lexicon?
  7. If you’re not ready to glue anything together: wander through a place you haven’t been in a while: collect 7-9 things that catch your eye. Don’t ask why—just be caught. Write 1-6 sentences about each thing. Write about the thing. Write about your response to the thing.

Thank you for your creativity this weekend! I hope there were sparks and moments of freedom and expansion. I’m so honored to have the opportunity to read your original work. Be well, good people. 

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