Day One Prompts

Write in any genre or a mix or blend. Try to keep the passage under 500 words and post at least one piece today or before tomorrow’s course goes live at 12:00 noon. Let go of coherence: don’t worry if one little piece doesn’t go with the next little piece. If your brain is already sparking with ideas, dive in. If you need more sparking, try a prompt. Use whatever is churning right now.

  1. Write a list of what you remember about your life. Pick images, an isolated event, a piece of dialogue. Disregard chronology and unity. Pick five of the things on your list and write a short passage for each, 1-5 sentences.
  2. Select a collage painting—you can use one that I included or find one of your own. Pick 3-5 images from it and write a short passage about each image.
  3. Do you have magazines with pictures? If so, get your scissors and glue or tape. It’s collage time! Play. Just play, make a collage. If you don’t have a magazine, you can draw or paint or use photos. From your collage, choose a handful of images and write 1-5 sentences.
  4. Pick 5 headlines from the newspaper from different sections—Art, politics, sports, lifestyle. Now write 1-10 sentences about each of these topics. You can weave in personal responses or experiences with each of these topics.
  5. Go to your Twitter/Instagram/Mastodon feed. Randomly pick 3-7 comments. You’re looking for variety—capture the carnivalesque, the seemingly disparate.
  6. Open a book and turn to a page. Pick a word. Now try it again—a different page. Collect 5-6 random words and make an original definition for each word. If something resonates with the word, weave in your personal experience or response.
  7. Take two of your images from #1 and combine them with two images from #3

I can’t wait to see what you make! If a prompt inspires, run, run fast with it. If it stirs up something entirely unrelated to the prompt, go with that. Throw yourself into the messiness of creativity.