Day 1 Prompts

Write in any genre, a new genre, all genres, or toss genres aside! Try to keep your piece under 500 words. Less is often more. Try to post at least one piece today, or before tomorrow’s course goes live at 12:00 noon. Have fun! These prompts are only for those who need them! They are NOT AN ASSIGNMENT! Use any of the course materials, whatever speaks to you to get your pen or fingers moving.

  1. Return to your lies list, and see if there is anything there worth developing. See if you might combine that with a distant memory, perhaps something you have not ever written about? We all have these.
  2. Try using a form you have not used ever, or in a long time- hermit crab, list, recipe directions, shampoo bottle, step-by-steps, check-in for COVID shot, wedding vows, etc. Make it absurd, and have fun!
  3. Try a triptych like Ben, in short spurts of nonsensical imagery, and unique language.
  4. Select a painting from one of the female Abstract Expressionists: Write an ekphrastic piece. If you have difficulty getting started, you can begin by describing the painting itself, then drop into wherever this eventually takes you. Remember, the two do not need to correlate in any way!
  5. Make the inanimate, animate: like Gertrude Stein does in her marvelously strange way, take ordinary household objects (maybe create a list in whatever room you are in now) and give them human, or robot, or dinosaur traits.
  6. Contact me if you want me to pull you a prompt card. I have several decks: Spirit of Archetypes, The Storymatic, This Shining Tribe, Oblique Strategies and Prosa Scintilla. Great for specific data, and multi- takeaways.

Thanks for a wondrous day. I hope you have had fun. We’ll look at more expansive, dynamic, and unusual experiences tomorrow. Rest up. I’m 414- 232-6399 and See you on the WWW.