Bonus Prompt

The Weather within the Body

I took an experimental writing course with the mind-expanding Tantra Bensko, who introduced me to something that seems doubly necessary in current circumstances. She calls it “Lucid Play,” and while I don’t know a ton about it, it struck me as something one doesn’t need to know a ton about to get value from. You can make it your own! She writes: “Lucid Play involves moving the body spontaneously. I find it helps keep the mind flexible, and is particularly useful when coming up with the next idea in a story. Being sedentary in mind or body can lead to duller prose, I think, than moving, playing with possibilities, mimicking the characters, tension arc, action, etc. in the narrative. Not necessarily acting it out, but just getting the body in the same mood as the plot.”

Bring necessary writing instruments and find a space outdoors where you can move as freely as possible. Move your body. Breathe. Write whatever comes to mind. Or locate weather systems inside your body. thing!) Where do you feel the sunshine? Are there any storms brewing? Is there a tornado in your pancreas? (I hope not—or maybe that’s a good from a writing standpoint, which makes me think of “Belly Aquarium” by Christina Beasley in Split Lip Magazine!)