Now let’s look at some more examples. An excerpt from Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

“This, I knew, was the magic I had until now been only dimly and spitefully aware of. I was hooked. My parents’ shudders, my little brother’s expression of unrestrained revulsion and amazement only reinforced the sense that I had, somehow, become a man. I had had an adventure, tasted forbidden fruit, and everything that followed in my life – the food, the long and often stupid and self-destructive chase for the next thing, whether it was drugs or sex or some other new sensation – would all stem from this moment.”

Anthony Bourdain was discussing how eating oysters for the first time changed the course of his life. Isn’t that perfect? So simple but so rich and beautiful. What a perfect way to consider the decadence he chased from that moment forward. It all came back to eating oysters for the first time. I love that story. Let’s look at more examples: