All the Prompts in One Place

💡Deadpan PROMPT💡

Find a manual or website with tons of technical details and incorporate them into a story. Stay true to the original in some way (i.e. the deadpan) but combine the facts with a narrative that might not really fit the context. In writing “deadpan,” you want your audience to doubt whether this is actually funny or not.

💡Absurdist PROMPT💡

Use this Random Noun Generator to create a list of 5 nouns. Select one or more of the nouns to use in your story. Dive into absurdism by personifying one of the nouns (e.g. “camera” becomes a person/entity) or making an abstract noun concrete (e.g. “anxiety” becomes a physical object). Lean into the absurdism and take bold leaps!

💡Body Horror PROMPT💡

In one of the most famous examples of body horror, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, the main character, Gregor Samsa, wakes up “to find himself transformed into a horrible vermin.”

For this prompt, take inspiration from Kafka’s seminal work by having your character wake up with a similar body predicament (full body transformation, a missing arm etc. etc.). Lean into the “body” aspect; don’t be shy!

 💡Dialogue PROMPT💡

Choose two famous (or infamous) characters or real people and write a purely dialogue story. Like in “They’re Made Out Of Meat,” have the two characters debate doing something or not. Use short punchy exchanges and permit the story to come through as organically as you can. Try to be funny, also.