All the Day Two Prompts in One Place

💡Ekphratic PROMPT #1💡

Use the following emoji groups to write a tiny (or series of tiny) stories. Consider funny and inventive ways to interpret the groupings. Lean into absurdism!




💡Ekphratic PROMPT #2💡

Awkward family photos are the best! Use this site to find an awkward family photo to write from: Awkward Family Photos

Even better yet, write this story:

💡Mythical PROMPT💡

Rehash a famous myth, fable, or fairytale. You could set it in the present day or rework the story within its original time and setting. Check out a revisioning of Little Miss Muffet in my story at X-R-R-A-Y Magazine, The Fuck’s a Tuffet?

💡Hermit Crab PROMPT💡

Option 1: Take one of your recent writings (in this course or from elsewhere) and reformulate it as a hermit crab. For example, if you wrote about a clown going to Las Vegas and losing his red nose, rewrite the narrative as a police report.

Option 2: Consider an unusual form for a new piece. Examples of borrowed forms could be: letters, diagrams, nutritional labels, recipes, text messages, newsletters etc. etc.