A Few More Prompts

Need even more resources? Here’s another prompter. Select your number of words, number of challenges, and image, and make a poem using all of these elements. Keep it as strange as possible. If it makes too much sense, the surrealists won’t be pleased.


Okay, okay. One more prompt. That’s it.

Prompt: Think of your very favorite film and write about it in five sentences. Then practice erasure (deleting words but never adding) to create new phrases and sentences. How different is it from the film? Use this fractured premise as a jump off point for all things surreal. 

Fine! One *final* surrealist prompt. I can’t wait to read all you write.

Prompt: Go to the Wikipedia page for your favorite movie and pluck 12 words. Put these words in a word bank and write a 100 word story or prose poem using these 12 words. Stray away from the narrative of this film and instead create your own using its vocabulary.

If you’ve made it this far in the document, props to you! Feel free to send me an email btniespod@gmail.com with any writing generated from the prompts from this weekend, or find me online at neonpajamas on all social platforms. Thanks for embracing the surrealism this weekend! Take care.