Jangles is Aware of the Dangers of the Clown Car

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Fiction, Issue Thirty-One

Jangles is not cramped. Clowns are pliable, fold together neat as origami. Noodles’ round red nose against his chest, Yurple’s giant shoe against his face, these feel right and holy as a lover’s embrace. The intermittent beeping of horns and tinkle of bells as clowns squirm and settle into one another, hot moist clown breath everywhere, Jangles exalts in this accidental music and shared heat, and Jangles steels himself for what’s to come. For eventually the clown car’s journey ends and all clowns must bail out, scatter like buckshot into the stark light jeers of the big top. Eventually Jangles will shimmy alone in the center ring, his heart like a bucket emptied of its confetti.

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