It’s God’s Fog Up Top: A Review of Benjamin Niespodziany’s Cardboard Clouds by Jonathan Cardew Who Quotes Various Lines from the Work Instead of a Traditional Review (Plus a Few Pics) Partly Because He is Lazy and Partly Because He Doesn’t Want to Debase This Extraordinary Hybrid Collection of One-act Plays and Prose Poem Oddities with the Mundanity of Review Language Hence This Recycled Homage to Language Play Itself (and a Few Pics)

by | Feb 12, 2024 | Bending Genres, Blog, Microviews, Reviews


“The symphony in the pit consists of rhythmic minimalists.”

“Lips like witch”

“The sky is a sweltering velvet, held together by loose nails.”

“Low. But also loud. Like a herd of cattle. Like dark, dark dust. Dense. Shut up.”

“She sews a wisdom tooth into her left knee.”

“Imagine an emptiness…an endlessness. A window to the moon.”


“Silent babies.”

“The pillows are plentiful”

“A stereotypical stethoscope”

“Grandfather’s Highway Hair”

“Twine and cloth and applesauce and silly string and dirt.”

“Flimsy saws.”

“100 stomachs.”

“A birthday hearse?”

Character/ Action!

“When the villain’s prison sentence ends, he sprints to the nearest theater.”

“They laugh and smile for quite some time and sitcom kiss periodically as if by timer.”

“Death appears bruised and battered but the audience does not know from what. ‘From life,’ she reminds the audience.”

“‘My father always told me,’ he says, ‘that I’d become a knuckle.’”

“The audience is encouraged to slowly leave.”

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