Items Found in Max’s Red Flowered Hippie Bag, August 11, 2018

by | Sep 18, 2022 | Sarah Day 2 - Group A

Two bottles essential oil blend, ¾ used, myrrh and hyssop.
Lip gloss, grapefruit flavored in small tin.
Black wraparound sunglasses.
Her mother’s lace-lined handkerchief. wadded and stained.
Her son’s baby photo, elevated above her ex’s head like a trophy.
Beige telephone, landline, the cord wound around it.
Notebook, faux yellow leather in wrapper.
Embroidery needle and brown thread in frosted plastic case.
Bent-nose surgical scissors, one pair.
Pliers with red handle.
Hair clippers with 1/8-inch head installed.
Glyburide, multiple tabbed sheets, half used.
Xanax, 10mg. bottle, empty.
Bupropion, 300 mg. dosage, bottle empty.
Pashmina, red, gray, and black silk from Pakistan.
Legal papers, bound by an alligator clip.
Brown bi-fold wallet emptied of its contents.
Kay Ryan paperback, The Best of It

Thank you, Sarah, for all the great course material and feedback! I’ve been in a slump and am happy to have done a couple pieces and started others. Will be doing some fiction using these prompts.

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