by | Dec 8, 2020 | Issue Eighteen, Poetry

exhausted by the enormity of everything
my eyes refuse to focus
and what is there to see?
so i surrender let them close
even though there’s so much of
nothing important to do
somewhere on another plane

a bell rings and a small bird
drops a pebble into the pond of time
a shudder of hope ripples out
the distance it must travel unquantifiable
in the smallness of the mind
what will be left of this thin wave
when it collides with consciousness?
as the last shreds of daylight melt into

the myth of another day         
i wake to a chime i feel rather than hear
no miracle’s cured my life or the world
the dead are still dead and thousands more drop daily

but somewhere a small feathered something’s

singing bravely in the dark


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