by | Dec 13, 2022 | Fiction, Issue Thirty

The writer had an idea for a story and took out his spiral pad and pencil nub from inside his ear and began to write about the phone call he received from a late-night TV host who said he was referred to him, read his collections of flash fiction and would like to have him do a weekly spot on his show. The writer was thrilled and saw this as his big break. He began a story about a TV host who just got out of prison for refusing to use the Oxford Comma. The writer’s mother opens his door and says his bologna on rye is ready and he screams at her to close the door and before she does his dog walks in with the bologna sandwich in his mouth and drops it at the writer’s feet. The writer is not wearing shoes and tries to pick up the sandwich with his toes and then begins to reread his work, but he forgot his hand his broken and his writing illegible and the TV host calls and says read me your flash. The dog covers his eyes with his paws and the writer calls for his mother to come read what he wrote. He needs help but his mother said ask your dog I’m busy counting the linen.

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