Ice Cream Sunday

It’s a blur of fact or fiction, your smeared lipstick, handcuffs in a purse, condoms in a web, and each lick of the savage sun is a cheese grater on skin, while the taxis die like dinosaurs and a little girl on the corner drops her cone by the curb in order to wave.


  1. Lisa Alletson

    Len! I love every memorable phrase of this. Wow – condoms in a web. The lick of the savage sun. And it all ending with the drop of the cone in order to wave. I could quote the whole thing.

  2. Martha Jackson Kaplan

    Hey Len, Everything Lisa said, and more (is less– this is so tight!). So I’ll add, “taxis die like dinosaurs” and “the blur of fact or fiction.” Love that you leave us with the drop of the cone waving. Mike drop!

  3. Alina Stefanescu

    Len, I love the alliterative chiaroscuro in this!

    And the strangeness, the suspense of “handcuffs in a purse, condoms in a web,”….

    The way the sun grates the skin here, the fabulous “savage” and “cheese” juxtaposed in a sort of blotto. Love it.

    “the taxis die like dinosaurs”–great line and image. And fantastic shift into the girl dropping her ice cream to wave. I felt like I was in a silent film when reading this. And it made me want to watch a silent film and write what I saw on the screen. Great example of how reading others inspires one to set off in a new direction.

    Thank you for sharing your writing.

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