Another night of ear plugged slumber. Everything is like a newborn baby ready to burst, a fraction of a fractor on the whoknowswhat pipeline. Drilling for oil. Jack hammers. The way you snore like an imperceptible longing.
The meal last night sent me to the edge and back.
It was beyond my wildest imagination.
These days, it takes too much to access the tenderness.
Seen on a t-shirt: Sexual Preference: Often.


  1. Sarah Freligh

    Robert, I’m loving the language here, the cadences of language you get from the sentence lengths, short, long, short, short, and how those pull me forward as a reader. I’m especially fond of the “fraction of a fractor on the whoknowswhat pipeline.”

    I’m intrigued, too, by the brief mention of you, “snor[ing] like an imperceptible longing,” a simile that feels very much in step with the speaker’s desire — the “I want” that’s announced in the title.

    Wasn’t sure if “the meal” was an actual meal or whether it was a metaphor for the “it” for the title. If the latter, maybe lay a little pipe to bridge the gap from “longing” to “meal.”

    Intriguing stuff!

  2. Francine Witte

    I love that last line, sexual preference, often. That is a great t-shirt line. I love all the sound going on in the first paragraph, the snoring., a fraction of a fractor, the whoknowswhat.

  3. Koss Just Koss

    Love the ambiguity, strangeness, and humor. The pause of blossom, the space it creates. The who voice of last line. Strange baby things. All of it.

  4. Len Kuntz


    The pace, cadence and quirk of this are fantastic.
    On the one hand it feels light and comical, but the title and this line–The way you snore like an imperceptible longing.–underscore that there’s so much more going on. To still desire someone who is snoring like a grizzly speaks volumes. It’s heartbreaking, but really makes this taut piece so deep and layered.

  5. David O'Connor

    Roberto, love this!! For years on forms, when they asked, sex? M/F when I could, I wrote as much as possible! I love how much is packed in here, haiku-precision, Talk about the tip of the iceberg. These few lines dive so deep. What you do with time and words is wonderful! Gracias!

  6. Andrea Marcusa

    Robert, I love the language, the images, the rhythm of this. You take us on a wild ride and I feel stress, anxiety and longing. Particularly the last line/image. It hits like an exclamation mark. Thanks. Andrea

  7. Jayne Martin

    “The way you snore like an imperceptible longing,” and “These days, it takes too much to access the tenderness” were the heart and soul of the piece for me. Just gorgeous. Especially juxtaposed with the harsher “Drilling” and “Jackhammers.” There is a lot going on in this piece at a viceral level. I’m in awe of your skill, my friend.

  8. Anita Brienza

    Robert, this is such a compact, loaded piece, and I love how the serious underpinning is lifted by the playfulness in it (like “a fraction of a fractor on the whoknowswhat pipeline,” and “The way you snore like an imperceptible longing.”)

    Loved this, too: “Seen on a t-shirt: Sexual Preference: Often.”
    Reminded me of how people would answer “yes” when asked to state their sex. 🙂

    Thanks for the great read!

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