I have always wanted to be opaque

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Issue Twenty Seven, Poetry

I imagine your honeycomb / lip balm lingering between the spaces / of my words / my chipped / sentences my declarations of clarity / and I thought fragmentation of the self / meant digestible / meant easy to handle but / staying with a sweet talker / I had to dissect / your appetite
for good marrow your / impatience with the discoloring / of an unripened polaroid / I chipped
a plate trying to put it in the cupboard /

like an unfinished psalm /

the distance between / the palm and the forearm is the bridge / you kissed the first night I made us / chocolate cake my wrist / I cannot stop rubbing the blemish / of your lips a malted tattoo /
I wonder when I pull / out the poem I wrote to you / and recite its final words / I, too, blur /
if they come to fruition / if they chisel away / this marbled image of you / until nothing

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