“I don’t absolve my responsibility in killing the family dog” and “Movie idea”

by | Apr 11, 2023 | Issue Thirty-Two, Poetry

I don’t absolve my responsibility in killing the family dog

First of all, a chore wheel is a draconian invention. Talk about dire circumstance. It should never get to that. Second, it was Harry’s turn to rake the driveway and Dad said we needed a new rake and Ma said Dad always says stuff like that. It's always the old days with her and we all remember the old days: Labor Day, 2016. Uncle Jack turned the rake into a microphone and I’ll never hear Dancing Queen the same. Christ, I guess we all agreed to nothing. Then Harry backed Ma and Ma threw jabs at dad and I didn’t know what to do. I think he was holding out for the holidays. He kept half-mentioning something called a Leaf Vacuum whenever the topic got brought up. I’m sure it’s something he saw half-asleep on the couch. Why would anyone need to vacuum a lawn? It’s a lawn. And Christmas is right around the corner and Harry just wants to fuck off and play 2k. It’s not  real, Harry. Even if you’re a player in it. Even if you’ve climbed the farm system and tonight is the big night to make it in the big show. This is why we don’t talk anymore. Not really, but might as well be. Ma was busy being a mom. Every corner of our home could revert into a house if she's not careful. We'll relabel this as “neurosis” later, as if neither require the upkeep. I'm sorry and thank you but sometimes you’re impossible to ask for anything like that. Tina's too young to drive, conveniently. So there was only me and I was the one against the electric fence in the first place! Hell, I was against the idea of a pet altogether. We shouldn’t own living things and only man should be tortured by what he can't see. Or couldn't see, which I suppose is always a warmly sleeping thing beneath what change blankets, inevitably. In this case, that was our dog. With leaves. Not to say this was inevitable. We could’ve used the old rake. We could’ve got a runner. I could’ve stayed in. But someone always has to do something or nothing. So I was the one who had to see the little paw path cut through the leaves. To see that last inch where the invisible fence became God. His slumped body marking what I couldn’t see until I ran over it 

Movie idea

Old married couple, kinda unhappy in that way. 

A shot of the guy shaking a bartender's hand at an event set up.

Another couple there also unhappy, but secretly. Also old but less.

Og couple is jealous and comparative. 

Husband is seen doing some small and kind things for people arriving, like remembering kids’ birthdays. 

Pans to an autistic guy shaking the bartender’s hand and confessing love and it's reciprocated.

Good couple gets exposed subtlety as lying.

Displeased wife realizes she's got it good.

Husband comes over randy and wants to skip event to make love, she says why don't we just play with each other under the table during the event. That kinda rejuvenation. 

The event starts up, it's revealed to the viewers it's an award for husband. Some career accomplishment or something.

The keynote speaker who is his son is called to the stage

No one knows where he is 

Cut to a man on the roof checking his phone. Unclear why he is up there, but it's a tall building and he’s standing on the ledge.

Heads inside and delivers a 45 min monologue to end the movie

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