Gen X Suite

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Issue Thirteen, Poetry

We are Gen X

we never get old I mean

we get old but we never crack

like the rest

we’re Gen X

we look younger than millennials –

sorry millennials –

why don’t you plug in your car

and cry – it’ll be just a sec til

both your parents  / still married

come help

we are Gen X

we loved the rockers on MTV so much

that we got with them

followed them

tried to be like them

married them

took them from their sad Reseda houses

and injected them with new energy



we are Gen X

we breed false hope

we are Gen X

we have no money

but our dicks still work

We Gen X

they could smell it

on us -.all the earlier rockers

smelled it

wanted to get with us – 

quote – the minute I saw you I knew I wanted to have a baby with you – end quote 

we are Gen X

you see your unborn children in our eyes

we are Gen X

we common law married

old rockers

and trust funders and bartenders –

married your big hair

and your big dreams

and your big stories of Oregon

and the bend in the snake River –

we married you white boy

married you Ratt, Poison, Cinderella, 

married you TJ Hooker

married you 2 Live Crew

you loved us

but you could never be us

just like the elders loved the Beats

but were destined for the GM factory floor –

you wanted us – Gen X –

man did you want us –

you saw Kurt Cobain magic on us

knew wet Seattle and Aberdeen

knew everything we know

but you’re not Gen X –

we are Gen X see –

you know we loved you

praised you

but you could never be us –

could never know the loneliness,

that particular turn-of-the-century loneliness,

that latchkey Kid show

that eye drop tear drop sugar drop –

we were raised by skittles

We are Gen X

and now we are alone

nodding to each other at the farmers market,

the grove, the americana,

(what is Los Angeles)

L.A. Cum Disneyland –

now all Los Angeles

is Disney covered –

we look

we nod

we make our hand thump

we do joint break

we drop low

we look 30 … ish

but we really

so much older.


goodbye Tom Petty –

we hardly knew you –

goodbye to all your heart break too

goodbye Tom Petty

and all the guys who look like you

goodbye to you –

and all the boys

who look like you –

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