Fascination Street

by | Jun 11, 2024 | Fiction, Issue Thirty-Nine

It was a Sunday night in late summer and the bar was faking darkwave and the jukebox was really new wave and the man and the woman were a fashion mismatch so they went outside where they could act casual and pretend to be drunker than they were so that they could excuse it if they were too forward or too silly and the measure here is that they both began to speak with British accents and he used the accent and some British words when he said he wanted to kiss her and she did not speak in any word or make up any lineages, just stepped back against a wall, velvet back to graffiti gray, and she put her arms against the wall to act like she was at his mercy which she really was and he did not know what to do with a woman who so willingly feigned utter submission to him and then he saw her dress had a drawstring bodice so he pulled the straps close to him as he stepped into her and his tongue was not at all British when he put the cord in mouth and she wanted to stay British because in that country she could seduce on purpose and not be a woman who not used her intellect and charm to get in this position but instead her first pair of quality fishnets where the holes were dainty little flowers and she dabbed her clavicle with her iciest perfume—it had to be a stranger so she wouldn’t wonder what was real or fake and anyway she could feel he was hard in his jeans and she did not touch him there but didn’t pretend she didn’t notice because she really did want to feel it some more and she went back to British to mention dropping off at the gaff and he didn’t get that she was pretending to be a Brit pretending to talk about sleeping at her house instead of fucking in her hotel but they were already headed to her hotel, and he didn’t answer so much as he ripped her tights in the elevator and they both forgot these were things they never did in their real American lives.

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