Epistolary Down a Well

by | Jan 16, 2022 | Robert Vaughan - January Day 2

Hi All – again, i misunderstood the timing, so apologies for this late entry. i loved all the reading and this exercise.

I combined the epistolary prompt with the “use your imagination” prompt and sort of came up with a hybrid, interrupted letter (started to write it and let it write itself).

You go to write a letter but animals get in the way. Damn homophones always standing in the threshold wearing someone else’s clothes. They fit well enough, but color is slowly roped up in a bucket containing a selkie dress made of sea lion skin and four dipped children complaining about who gets to eat it first, not which is the faster finger clerk. The madness comes later and leaves a short receipt, the kind that queries “what’s a sixpence to whom?” Sitting in front of the fire fives sing to twos about hanging upside down from ashcans, all the while knitting on a softly smiling petal, hoisting itself horizontally (I thought at first in reverence but it was timed to a smoke stack and would not refrain). If I could crackle lingerie, is that an option to take or hold and would you assess the wooden horse with anything else more crayon-like? To consider at this speed seems to me, from this veranda perspective, a tension in breach of contract meaning the surface is calling Tom of Finland to decide who wins. The curdle of it all, and rising! The absolute way sumac can be eight-leaved until it is none. Then what kind of reading would that make for, all skinned to the rope, sounding like each other like this?

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