Don’t Walk In On Paradise Naked (or a Mononet for Love)

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Issue Thirty-One, Poetry

The bullet lodged in his rib missing him
For he was his heart and it was safe
That from which she was made saved their love
It had been a ricochet from a wayward gun
To the tree of knowledge to his chest
An absurdity of physics and mathematics
He took it as a sign from above and vowed
Not to waste another day behind a fig leaf

And he climbed the temple of her porch
Prepared to confess all that he held inside
Seeing no blood smeared on the door
He knocked and waited as a saint
When there was no answer again he knocked
When there was no answer he stood still
Maybe she was just getting out of the shower
Whensoever she answered he could not know

It was now up to that beyond his control
Fate for men and beasts is just the same

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