Don’t Take Me to Lethe

by | Dec 12, 2023 | Issue Thirty-Six, Poetry

An echo of footsteps drapes over me as I court midnight city—even warehouse 
buildings loom, those lumbering from Milwaukee high-rises—inky shades iron-
black slant across pavements; it is said a white van is driving around this factory 
brew-house city, taking people to the river—I shudder thinking kidnapped to the river. 
I catch up to bus stop, a human night angel; I step into the last nocturne bus. 
Spooky yellow windows glide by grimy streets; I, the only girl on the blue seats, 
I, the only swiveling head behind the driver; smudges on the window 
a blurred message; no one to hum or make sketchy comments; no shoulder to read a
book over in a squiggling text; not even a mumbling man not wearing 
any socks; and I await my next stop; the hysterically unlit walks; the mystery man 
taking girls to the river;—

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