Dog, Children, Trinidad Beach, California.

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The dog can’t believe we’ve taken off his leash, and in a place like this. He runs towards the sea, his paws four scuttling shadows on the darker sand. He plants his scruffy bandy legs and pivots back to me, trembling with a thudding hope.

“It’s ok, go on!” I call, and he’s off in giddy fits and starts, like a rope uncoiled and flung, again and again.

He studies a puddle. Its smell makes no sense. But c’mon, he wasn’t born yesterday, he knows water when he sees it. A pink fingernail tongue hovers and descends. He freezes with disbelief.

He runs back to me, trying to shake it off.

Later, as I fall asleep on the Airbnb’s firm bed, his body smeared against my thigh, I wonder if that saltwater dram held more than I could guess, did he hear a lonely moan as, out in the bay, the buoy tilted, did he smell dolphin sweat (if they do), watch the seaweed clambering ashore?


thanks to Robert and everyone, for a wonderful fall.winter


  1. Martha Jackson Kaplan

    Sweet story, Suzanne. Makes me, too, want to know what was in that little tide puddle. Dog knows best. This reads smoothly and doesn’t seem to call for changes. The only spot that stopped me for an instant, was the scruffy, bandy of the dog’s legs. Bandy is such a great word that I didn’t want the more common modifier of scruffy. But that’s me. Love bandy. Your story makes me homesick for the Pacific Ocean, long sandy beaches, and a good run. Thanks for this fall/ winter. Hope to see you in the coming year, on line, or, the universe willing, in person. Be careful out there. xxoo.

  2. Robert Vaughan

    Hi Suzanne, what a sweet, quiet and lovely piece to read. AAAHHH. Love the tenderness and that POV of the pooch!!! So, so sweet. This also made me long for the Pacific, with your amazing sensory details, and oceanic splendor. I hope you had a nice time in Arcata visiting Theo. I hope some of these images came from a day at the beach!!! Love Moonrise, Luffenholz, and some of those other beaches up North.

    It’s been such a treasure to have you in this round of BG Online RT. You add such depth and brilliance with your work and comments. I adore you!!! See you in Cyberland some time soon!!!

    XOXO Robert

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