Dinner at the Brady’s

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Issue Twenty Seven, Poetry

The Brady Bunch are carnivorous,
I know because I crawl into the TV
and have dinner with them.
Sometimes they invite my sister, too.
Their sheep dog is also carnivorous
And so is Alice, their cook.
My Mom and Dad are vegetarian.
They are orange vegetarian parents
And even our dog is vegetarian –
Vegetarian, orange, and somewhat shriveled.
We grow vegetables in the backyard
And some other things too.
After dinner, Mom and Dad smoke ganja
And are mellow for the evening.
Sometimes, when we have vegetable
Medley casserole with almonds again,
My sister and I take our plates into the
Living room and sit in front of the TV
Waiting for Alice to give us the signal.
When she finally notices us, we leave
Our vegetable plates behind and sit
Down on two brown folding chairs with
The Bradys, ripping porkchops from
Their bones, gnawing on the fat.
We ask for raw hamburger for dessert
And sometimes we get it.

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