Day Two: Timequake

by | Oct 18, 2020 | Dean Cleaning Two

Over the course of lunch

a peregrine falcon dismembers a pigeon

On the window sill I lay a red cloth

winding the chopsticks about with scarlet thread

waiting wanting wantoning 

naked nape to mandoline while Edward

succeeds Victoria

while Elisabeth succeeds George

Sated on scraps

Bursting our bounds

Landfalling we carry High John

Seaplanes scooping bellyfuls 

All water futile to Mopti, Segu, Timbuktu 

Raging archives 


Bloodtipped we volley decades

Bossa nova centuries

jujuing mamboing bottle music highlifing rock 

hopscotching millennia before sliding to rest 


Not just going away into a tenuous frame

Unsaying “change will come”

“This too will pass” 

In leaving while Elisabeth is at work 

Holding what we hold in parallel 

Kniving polite through her nice 

imperious love is fugitivity

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