Day 1 – Diary

by | Jan 15, 2022 | Robert Vaughan - January Day 1

nursing homes of birdsong infiltrate wiry gymnasiums
enter the march madness canceling video game difference
distraction waking a blue wrist watch walking opening
the opening scream routine pop top funeral pushed oblique
twin roads from the greentip of stop sign bleeding down
memory yoked pyramid by pyramid to virus umbrellaed out
audience with trinity-shorn boiling pots considered neither
hand selected their obsolescent obscenities drainage-fastened
style by circus jacketless husks Kafka could purpled verify
nor theatrical promise victim velocity’s rabid dogs both ways
all day jackknife argues straight leftovers yourself versions
breathing fig crouched lipstick strokes capacity to seasons
of zero this year the microwave learns to coddle me to eggs
the oven method but by the end sink-chiseled blonde prizes
chalupaed ranks and size the most gangworthy entrance to
flank politician phosphenes ASAP something thinks we can worry
me privately justly done WedMD wonton tongue by tongue bulb
issues marching the couch by the ear by the crook of the arm
the sleep-numbered sheep paraded to a dial affronting all the
ugly carpet cardinals embarrassing to say they forget slack
stacked hardwood wrong ceramics don kinky and kinless but
bekilned brow beaten wrinkled work to barnacle payments
finer than eddying or bigger in drawing than glassing up
beachwater not cracking muscles old dusk pantsing seagulls.

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