Adrienne Barrios wonders if Leigh Chadwick’s daughter will ever read these poems and feel the way a coyote feels when returning to its den after a long hunt, or if she’ll think, Wow, these are weird and Who the fuck is Adrienne Barrios, or if she’ll feel nothing at all. Leigh Chadwick says, Let’s not think about the future now. And, The future makes me sad. Adrienne Barrios asks, Is there a time that doesn’t make you sad? Leigh Chadwick says, No. Then she says, Yes. She says, That time my husband climbed into the base of my spine and for three mornings in a row I woke up with sunshine in my veins. Adrienne Barrios and Leigh Chadwick both look at Leigh Chadwick’s daughter. They see that she glows. They take her out into the yard and she is the second sun. She grows a halo where halos were always meant to grow. The day quiets. For exactly twelve seconds, no one pulls the trigger of a gun. The sun sighs. Leigh Chadwick’s daughter sucks her thumb as her halo turns tangerine. 

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