Matvei Yankelevich

“Boris by the Sea”

Boris was thirsty so he watered his plants. When the plants died from being over watered Boris was still thirsty. Boris had no more plants to water so he watered the sand that was left. The water sat in the sand and went nowhere. Boris was still thirsty. Boris went outside and watered the sea while no one was looking. The sea waved and nodded and waved again. But boris was even thirstier. And the sea was no different for it. Boris had no water left. He rolled in the sand and became dirty. 

via Boris by the Sea (2009), a full-length collection via Octopus Books and a super cool PDF via Ugly Duckling Presse.

Prompt: create a first name character followed by a cause and effect. But let the effect surprise you. Rather than being thirsty and drinking water, Boris is thirsty and so waters the plants. Have your first name characer perform an activity (or three) that a “normal” person would never do. Maybe they’re tired or hungry or filthy rich. What happens next? Surprise us, or try to, with every turn like Boris.