1) Here is a terrific website in which you can create your own Madlib:

I created this recently from the website: 

You’re walking in New York City when you see a tarantula. You move closer, when suddenly the tarantula speaks. It asks you to define ice. You bend down for a moment, feeling Sadness. Then you blurt it’s frozen water. Suddenly the tarantula springs toward you. It thanks you for telling it what ice is. Then it gifts you Spaghettios. You open the can of Spaghettios to see roses. You’ve always wanted roses. As you look up the tarantula has disappeared.

2) Using your two lists of Superheroes & Vigilantes, select two (or three?), write a dialogue of mishaps, mistakes, lies and mayhem.

3) Girls who turn into rabbits. Boys who transform into dolphins. Goldfish who become Aunts and Uncles. Like Melissa Goodrich has, use imagination and see where it leads. Be wild! Zany! Incorrigible!

4) Select an item: newpaper, fashion guide, poem, essay, child’s homework. Make a copy. Get our your black marker and start revision, erasure, redacting. Come up with an entirely new piece. See what you might add to make it even more absurd. Try anaphora, using a repeated phrase or word at the beginning of a number of paragraphs or sections. Or use three entirely diverse original pieces, and create an erasure triptych.

5) Austin Kleon is among the best known redactive and reconstructive, bestselling authors (Steal Like An Artist). Check out his website and get inspired to create a new piece. Cut and paste? Found art? Clip and glean techniques from one of the most generative and best in the game.

6) Redactions Magazine:

7) The advice about writing that I have been puzzling over and would like to adopt as a motto comes from Emerson by way of David Shields in Reality Hunger: “The Way to write is to throw your body at the mark when all your arrows are spent.”

8) Write an epistolary postcard or letter, including the topic of redaction, or anything else we have covered this weekend. Make it sing, scintillate, burn. Channel your inner-fierce being.

Huge thanks to you all for making this weekend an absurdfest of outrageous, funny/sad, complex and layered festivities! I so thoroughly enjoy this topic. Please do consider returning to the fun, whenever the sky turns a strange tinge darker, or when elections might not have the outcome which is perceived better for those who need it. Stay strong, and if we are lucky we will see you at one of our Bending Genres Retreats in 2023?!! My contact info as is at the bottom of day one.