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My experiences dictate that I participate in magic no matter how anyone else feels about what is or is not possible. I write that way. I assume all things are possible and I make the words believe me. This course deals with the impossible and introduces it as the raw material of possible. Some things defy explanation in a Western context. Some things are simply not supposed to happen or be regarded as real. Here, in this place, if we need to discuss an abusive stepfather, which, in my case, is often, he may be languaged as a two headed hydra scalpeled against an iron gate for which I have the only key. Magical realism saves you from reality. And speculative fiction suggests that memory or facts and data can be emphasized, animated even, with imagination. Language is big and delicious and available for this journey. Here, color can have a sound. And memory can have magic. We will write from memory and what we can not (re)member or that which we wish to remember differently, we will reimagine making use of the supernatural. Making the impossible, possible.

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