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DECEMBER 6 – 8, 2019

In Bud Smith’s workshop, participants will write flash fiction or poetry based off prompts pulled from strange but true columns in lousy newspapers, rumors, urban legends, the plausibly implausible.

Bud will explain his method for weaving this odd material into a kind of unique realism. He will also explain the use and importance of off the cuff anecdote about family, coworkers, and interactions with society at large and how it can find its place in intimate works of fiction, and how those anecdotes can bring balance to surrealism. 

This will be a workshop focused on idiosyncratic gut feeling, and the idea that there is no such thing as a bad idea. Participants will read craft essays by Bud Smith and others, and will be given a short reading and film list to pursue at their own leisure. 

Participants will also receive constructive criticism on their work (multiple stories) and will be guided towards further revisions on that work with the goal of publication. Venues (literary magazines) will be suggested by Smith. 

Strange Truth is designed to help a writer leap out of their own birthday cake. This joyful three-day class will dig deep gently, and aid the creative in their journey farther down the rabbit hole of the ordinary day and into the odd unearthly light beaming into the strange truth hidden just behind the mundane.  

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