“Contributor’s Note”

by | March 2021 A (Day 1)

This will eventually be part of a project I’ve been wanting to add onto for a while.  A Steampunk

dystopia.  Kind of makes you think of “mechanical” and “gears” in a different chord, hopefully.  That’s a funny choice of words, though – “hopefully” implies “full of hope” –




Minister Rainmourne is the executor
Attributions include
Oslo Councilorship
Current research interests encompass
The acclaimed prospectus
Longitudinal study on
anti ritualism
Analog vs
Barrage of


  1. Meg Tuite

    Hi Trent,
    That is a gorgeous image! I love “A Steampunk dystopia. Kind of makes you think of “mechanical” and “gears” in a different chord, hopefully.” The beginning had me laughing. And your choice, using the archaic look and language for the doctrine of eradicating a race. This is frightening. With so few words, so much said. LOVE!

  2. Freesia McKee


    Fascinating. I know that this is somewhere in this weekend’s curriculum, so maybe you have already googled it, but this piece makes me think of Michael Martone’s contributor’s notes: http://freightstories.com/Martone.html

    He has a whole book of these.

    It’s so interesting to learn about your character through this unexpected contributor’s note. Are there other characters in this world who will have contributor’s notes, too?


  3. Martha Jackson Kaplan

    Trent– steampunk dystopia! Love it. And full of hope… of course. Interesting. Not sure I get all of it, but that is exactly what I love about it. Freesia’s hyperlink was gorgeous. I definitely want to know more about this form and where it can lead. And it’s a great list. More, please.

  4. Dennis Holmes

    Hi Trent, was visiting relatives in Michigan a few summers ago, and there was a Steampunk festival happening in my sister’s town simultaneously. It was fascinating to see all of these people from all around the country, celebrating something I’d never heard of prior. Like Meg, I enjoyed the humor, and the blending of juxtaposed words and images. Intriguing project for sure!

  5. Jonathan Cardew

    Love this, Trent! The background image and the font of the poem really work well with the content. Just a great collection of words and images. Really like “Safe barrage of fair”


  6. Sara Comito

    The invocation of World’s Fair is fascinating to me. I have stood on the grounds where a couple took place, and it made me pause and consider the excitement and newness and wonder that brought so many people to one spot on earth. Will we ever seen anything like that again? So yes, hopeful. I do like the flow of intriguing words.

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