Cherry Paint

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Fiction, Issue Twenty-Eight

“DYKE” just like that, in big, bold, red letters on the side of my brand new, shiny white car. Dial tone in my ear as I wait to tell my grandma that I won’t be able to drive her to her cardiologist appointment today. Her voicemail is what I hear next. I can’t tell her the truth so I hang up before the recording can start. My car in neutral I watch the suds plaster my windshield, hoping against hope that their bubbles are strong enough to penetrate the thick cherry paint. I see my father’s name appear on the dash in front of me. I hit the green ‘answer’ button. It was a stroke. She was alone, upwards of thirty minutes with no one to call and no means of transportation to a hospital. He had found her just a little too late.

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