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Memories That Smell Like Mother: Henry Darger’s Journals

The lost journals of Henry Darger give a soiled theme to the recluse’s childhood. As this fierce horror of kindergarten psychopathy all moved from station wagons to a locked classroom, bedlam inflamed. Henry hung from a hook through lunch and recess every Thursday. That was pizza day. “Ugly”, says the Times, of those early years when Darger was forced to wear his mother’s plaid-poly pants suits with a globular face stung by teeming multitudes of mosquitos she kept in the larder whenever it was class photo day, and every other Monday. Note: Darger was dangerously allergic, laden with screaming red lumps burbling an over-boiled stew. Having survived a disturbed adolescence of breast-feedings and country music, Darger’s latter years of jerking off to Johnny Cash absolutely made sense. Don’t miss these harrowed truths, never before exploited, of a disenchanted, misconstrued (Darger was severely constipated) genius of debauchery.

The Zodiac Killer: Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?

Taunting letters and cards were sent to the San Francisco Bay Area press. These letters included four cryptograms (or ciphers). Zodiac murdered five known victims in Benecia, Vallejo, Napa County, and San Francisco between December 1968 and October 1969. He claims to have killed over 37 people through the 60’s and 70’s. The case is still open.

This latest biography is tantalizing to enigmatologists! The Zodiac Killer might still be lurking. A team of cruciverbalists have put together the ultimate in puzzle mania! Much of the known details of this serial killer are out there. But what have the detectives held back? This is where you puzzle solvers come in! We’ve designed a one-of-a-kind sleuth puzzle book of those facts held back from the public! Become one of the first pedestrians to:

  1. Find out Zodiac was a Gemini: “If you hang out with a Gemini, only one thing’s certain: you’ll never be bored.”
  2. Me = 37, SFPD = 0

This is Zodiac’s score. What comes from the cipher authenticated in this book?

Are you excited? Help California excavate this killer and put him on a postcard. Help uncover the mysteries of these puzzles and make a HUGE STAMP in the world (Forever Stamps are still available)!

We’ll put it on FaceBook! Twitter! Instagram! We’ll rake your name over the internet!

Get a copy before these beauties are revealed!

  1. $100,000 reward for any information toward the capture of this homicidal (old-ass) killer! You might find him mowing his lawn, just like the Golden State Killer.

Order now through Amazon for a 10% discount!

Allan Stewart Konigsberg aka Woody Allen: From Stage Front To Toddler’s Back Stage: Can You Say Pedophile?

Hope there’s an opening for Woody in this trailer park of compatriots!

A mesmerizing biography of the early years of ‘Woody’. Yeah, his cousin, Hank, says. I did do the little fuck! He was always reciting commercial jingles. I couldn’t take anymore. His grade inflation in school was due to his mother, Nettie, screeching, “the kid’s a genius, don’t placate his social disease!”

Allen’s best friends as a kid were a tree stump that never left him and insect colonies he annihilated to prove his prowess over the small and unprotected.

When he started writing, directing, producing, his films he said to no one, because he had no one to answer to, but himself: ‘the girl is 18, the girl is 17, the girl is 16. She wears mini-skirts and cries over me. I try to give her advice. She wants only me. ME!

I get that! I fuck her. She is overwhelmed with the sanctity of my penis. It is the size of my lips. Repressed slits of my being.

I am New York. Let us all rise together in hunger for my attention. Yes.

Woody gets a check for his latest film: 22,000,000

The actors want only a small cut, because this is, after all, ART!



  1. Trent

    Meg, as always, quite the current of images!

    Middle section makes me inevitably think of the movie “Zodiac” –
    This would make quite an opening credits sequence, like in “Se7en” …

  2. Martha Jackson Kaplan

    Hi Meg– another nightmare. I like the shell, the puzzle book of sex murder/ crime. Hard to revisit–I live in a state where Jeffrey Dalmer followed from the killer modeled in Pscho– Adams Co. — Len (my husband) interviewed him once. But, I do love the way you put this together. And yes, just finished watching the Allen v. Farrow– yes, I believe he did. Love this, nightmares and all. xoxo

  3. Dennis Holmes

    Meg, what a dazzling trio of book reviews! Magnificent. Love the word choices, and the POVs in each of these disturbed threaded nutcases. I happen to be a Darger art fan, despite how troubling some of his images remain. There is a pretty decent biography about him also. And as Martha said, I also recently watched the Allen v. Farrow documentary. I believe Dylan. Completely.
    I’d love to see an entire chapbook of these reviews of yours.

  4. Martha Jackson Kaplan

    Meg, Wrote the first comment late last night— just wanted to add — stunning book reviews. Love the conception of the book review as well as a way of getting at all this horror. The picture adds another shiver to it. (How did you get that into this post? I tried to bring in a picture and could not do it.) The Darger review, straight depiction of a tortured life, a dagger straight to the killing zone. The zodiac– who are the people in your neighborhood– fear straight to the shiver zone, and followed by a kind of nightmare of contests, rewards, facebook, twitter, a “medium is the message” twisted awfulness, and finally, a screaming indictment of a Woody Allan that everyone loves through his movies, someone so well cushioned by powerful agents and dollars dollars dollars, allowed to fester through human sacrifice– a child molested. OK, some of this last take is me, but I think you did a great scorn job on Allan. Always poses the ever present question– what is the relationship between the artist and the art? Thank for these, dear Meg.

  5. Sara Comito

    Oh, Meg! I love that the “Times” contributes only the word “ugly.” And that misconstrued is a synonym for constipation. I for sure laughed out loud, but sense a current of compassion for Darger, who I had look up. So thanks for the intro. I giggled through the Zodiac section as you skewer the over-the-top commercialization of serial killers. Does that make me a bad person? And the redirect to the 60 Minutes Australia blew my mind. Of course: Florida. But yes, we need to put Woody Allen in a trailer park. I bet he’d look spiffy in an ankle bracelet and flip flops. These are BRILLIANT!

  6. Suzanne van de Velde

    Scorched-earthers only — Meg strikes again! Loved these! Book reviews as skewers for absurdity and abhorrent behavior.

    “that was pizza day” hard to top that

    “Allen’s best friends as a kid were a tree stump that never left him and insect colonies he annihilated to prove his prowess over the small and unprotected.” Perfect. Have yet to watch this, but I was already on Team Dylan. Saw a film about ramshackle trailer park in Florida where only sex offenders live — I’m sure he could find a cosy home there.
    thank you, Meg

  7. Freesia McKee


    As a book reviewer, I love that you have chosen this shell! These reviews passionately break expectations of “appropriate” and what we think we’ll find in a review.

    I’m especially intrigued by the lists, stats, photos, and other ephemera. I think there’s a lot of promise in thinking about how collage methods can be used in a review shell!


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