Boob Adjustment

by | Jul 28, 2023 | And Now

Hmm. Tay’s nipple is there. They both are, yes they are, but Tay’s areolae, the mocha-colored parts are gone — like they shrunk back into Tay’s rib cage. Maybe some greedy plastic surgeon snuck in — Tay always left the window open to smell the scent of the blooming, thorny champagne rose bush.
Tay’s areolae where known throughout the dry county, but Tay assumed it was really her peanut-sized nipples that all the other topless residents coveted. Her nipples, now winking, are like juju bee candies, stuck to Tay’s marshmallow-shaped mounds.
Rae knocks and enters at the same time Rae always does — just when her DTs start. But she isn’t in search of a stiff drink. She needs Tay to see — Rae’s nipples are absent — not even a pucker.
“Tay, you thief,” she starts to yell, but her voice gets stuck under her DDDs, when she sees Tay’s absent areolae.
“Come on, let’s go see Fay and Bay and Hooray,” Rae says, pulling Tay by the left nipple.
Fay and Bay are intact, but Hooray. Oy vey.

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