big bird balls

by | Feb 19, 2022 | Jonathan Cardew - February Day 2

he doesn’t think
he’s a poet
he just likes
to write things
in his phone
every night
and every morning
he deletes them

birds flying away
at a faster pace than normal
they make her nervous

I like the birds
that fly together
I don’t care how fast
they fly
or where they go
I just like
big bird balls
big bird planet

she worries her son
might be a fascist
she’s got
a little line
that parts her chin
parts the sea
between her and me

I used to like
to break things
now I just like
to make things

now it’s
bird morning after
a dirt cloud night
now it’s
bird easter
in october

she likes
optimistic sayings like
the sun will come out

I worry
she might be right
her son
could be a fascist

I’m talking about
the way things
were things
were way
things were
break that

oh well
now it’s
good bird friday
and the birds
they have risen
they have risen indeed

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