Dennis Sweeney: Beyond Nonfiction (Sept 18-20)


Beyond creative nonfiction is a land where real-world events grow into forms where “reality” rarely goes: visual essays, poems, flash fiction, lists, documents, and a variety of other hybrid forms. What happens when we allow our engagement with reality to grow away from an adherence to the real? When does “real” become “surreal,” or “hyper-real,” an experience all its own?

In this weekend workshop, we’ll take a look at writers and artists whose relationship with reality bends notions of truth and form. Then you’ll take factual events and grow them into writing that exceeds, digests, and otherwise transforms the facts into genres not yet imagined. In exploring the boundaries of fact, we will discover whole new ways of narrating the world we live in as well as unexplored aspects of our own creative drive.

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