Cleaning out the Closets: Building Resonance from Objects and Talismans (Oct 16 – 18)


A Hybrid Workshop

In this weekend workshop, we will create more physicality in our writing by digging through our own conscious closest and looking at examples from poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction to find the inspirational magic in objects, heirlooms, inheritances, MacGuffins, and talismans. According to Italo Calvino, “We might even say that in a narrative any object is always magic.” In this generative workshop, you’ll find ways to imbue your stories with depth and resonance grounded in concrete, specific details. Prompts and example texts will help you discover the objects your poems, fiction ,and cnf have been missing. Millions of people watch shows like American Pickers, Antique Roadshow, and Storage Wars all because we crave the stories exemplified in rare objects. Our own identities are often rooted in the items we can’t throw away, the things we collect, and the things we’ve lost along the way. Join me in creating reality and metaphor, resonance and poignancy, well-springs of depth and diversion.

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