Astronomical Dusk

by | Jun 23, 2023 | Writing the Weather

Astronomical Dusk

We asked the weather to cooperate, so the sun creaked into the sky and the breeze brushed our eyelashes with fingertips.

How long have we been here? I said.

You rearranged a strange smile.

Hardly any time.

Then we were in water, swimming circles around the algae, seeing how far we could dive down into green lake. We examined each other’s looks for clues. We felt, in the bubbly liquid, that we weighed nothing. We were just reeds in the ripples. Thin strips of body, floating.

You were wet and mine. For now.

This is a holiday, you said.

This is perfect, I said.

The sky darkened for the evening. We put clams to fire, savoring their slipperiness on the tips of our tongues. We stared at the dancing flames, kissed over flashlight, our conjoined faces a cliff face of shadow and light.

Grey leaked into blue.

Blue leaked into grey.

For dessert, we regretted everything.

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