All the Ways

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Pilot Issue, Poetry

All the Ways

by Jan 24, 2018Pilot Issue, Poetry

Know that

just because we’re quiet
doesn’t mean we aren’t railing inside.
We ate herring in red coats and I told you
all the ways I’d kill myself, how
your lips were wilder than the moon.
It’s a lie

that we’re born alone, die alone.
We arrive

through slick thighs,
wet bellies, and maybe
we’ll never see our mothers again. Maybe
she’ll stick to us like burned
batter all our lonely lives. And we’ll die

with all those lovers, gone
mothers, animals that licked our hurts
knotted like stowaways
in the most secret
desolate chambers of our hearts.
They escort us, shaking

straight into the luminous.

Originally published at Allegory Ridge.

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