by | Jan 14, 2023

A pink haze of fur
further from home than a girl should go
calling her own whots and nots
bubbling the past,
as if
it was a good time.
Palm fronds
paint the way
shades the shades.
striped vertical hold gone wrangler
Gone red
Gone punk raving mad red alternate universe
what might happen
might not.


  1. Benjamin Niespodziany

    With “A pink haze of fur” I was instantly locked in and hooked and interested. “Bubbling the past” is a great phrase. “gone wrangler / gone red”, too.

    This is such a dizzying poem (in a good way) because so much is happening and it’s often fragmentary and disjointed. I think you should lean in to that even more and remove the commas and periods so there’s no new sentences/capitalizations and is instead a kind of free-flowing word soup. It forces you to read slowly and soak in the vividness. Great title, too. 

  2. Koss (No Last Name)

    Sheree, this is really enigmatic in the best of ways. Playful, spare, and a bit sinister in how it appears to point outside itself. Just my take. It lingers.

  3. Meg Tuite

    Hi Sheree!
    A pink haze of fur has to be your next band name! Love this! And yes to getting rid of commas and periods and rocking the reader through a wild ride! Outstanding! LOVE!

  4. Jonathan Cardew

    “Calling her own whots and nots” is such a great line!

    This is a wonderfully strange and lyrical piece, and I think you should keep playing with it!


  5. Robyn Schelenz

    I love the title and “shades the shades” resonated with me, those small moments when a further, incidental shadow is cast on what you are trying to keep out (though this reading is a little more in line with “shade the shades”). the first line, and this “further from home than a girl should go,” set the table for me, the striking out against those strictures. i think you could keep developing this even more.

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