A Report on Reports by Brian Evenson (The Cupboard, 2018)

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A Report on Reports by Brian Evenson (The Cupboard, 2018)

by Jonathan Cardew 

I was going to write a report on Reports by Brian Evenson—and I still am, it’s still happening right now—but I must admit to a little bit of trepidation in doing so. After all, in writing a report on Reports (Brian Evenson’s new pamphlet from The Cupboard, 2018) I would be adopting, and indeed mimicking, the style and tone of his work, which is what I am doing now (the assumption here being that mimicry is bad). I’d be attempting to use his voice to describe his voice, which is kind of like if I introduced Brian at a party and I used his particular dialect and accent (just weird). In any case, I’d never be able to achieve an exact carbon copy of his style; for instance, I’d never be able to describe toes in this way: “‘Big Toe’ says: Look at the toes, find the biggest one, and there you have it, you’ve arrived, there’s nothing more to be said” (“a Report on Toes”). Nor would I ever be able to describe the almost complex mathematical problem of a guy discovering that he is being followed while he himself is following someone (“a Report on Being Followed,” which is kind of the way I am feeling right now in writing this piece after Evenson, with another version of myself in the back mouthing, wtf?)

I will say this (and this is me writing this): this book is brilliant, fast, funny, and surprisingly compact and small.

So compact and small, you could place it in your top pocket.

If you wanted to: http://www.thecupboardpamphlet.org/product-page/reports-by-brian-evenson


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