A Randomly Selected Email From My Famous Ex-Husband (Redacted Version)

by | Stop Making Sense 2 - Day 2

All recollections are character distorted versions that actually happened. Tempting to correct the record myself, I’m not going to .

The point here is you deliberately framing the narrative in a way that is obviously a caricature of poison in the guise of fiction.

Your work is aimed at abused women and children. I have no objection whatsoever. You do so eloquently but your objective is fulfilled by writing stuff that happens to be false to boot.


  1. Robert Vaughan

    Hi Roberta, can I just say how I love your experimental willingness to try the materials, the prompts, the ideas, the workshop!!! It’s been a terrific weekend reading so many creative urges. This is another outstanding piece. In three short lines (and the title giving us the depth of reference), you’ve allowed the reader so many choices! In some ways, this feels like a definitive “conversation” with someone who is not a writer. And possibly even worse- too close to ” a caricature of poison in the guise of fiction.” OUCH! These negative responses to my feeble attempts at whatever I am calling my writing these days are nothing but a huge TURN-OFF. I also want to admit, I am really digging in here- because redaction lets us make shit up when there is little left to interpret. But that is also the beauty of, say, Burroughs, or Acker, or any of the other true redactionists!!!!

  2. David O'Connor

    Roberta, this works, the tone and logic say some much. I’m reading Coetzee today and it feels like you kick his ironic ass, well done. If you send this out, I might suggest dropping the “randomly selected” bit in the title and just go for the “email from my famous ex-husband” I think it gives it less tentativeness. I love this work!!

  3. Meg Tuite

    Love the irony and laughed through these powerful lines that could be their own ‘aphorisms’
    agree with David on title. And send this one out! Talk about brilliance of white space! DEEP LOVE!

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